We are work 24 hour

( 1.) How do I pay?

USD,Euro,HKD, Rmb in CASH only. No credit cards.

( 2.) Can your masseuse go to my hotel in midnight?


( 3.) Will the masseuse come within 30 minutes?

This is an average for Central GuangZhou.In very central GuangZhou it may be less.

( 4.) Can I call at 03:00 AM?

No problem. Anytime. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

( 5.) Can I choose a massage girl?

Yes. No matter you call a girl to your place or you visit our center, you can choose the girl you like. Tell us your favorite style and we will select the right girl for you.

We are now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 We understand your needs to get a good massage, any time, meeting exactly your personal needs at the moment.guangzhoumassage

Here all the girls at massage under the guidance of experts to undergo a rigorous training.Have reached a higher level of professional.24 hours for you.

The Company only within the Fourth Ring GuangZhou hotels or apartments to provide 24-hour Onsite Massage.guangzhoumassage center Tupperware has a lot of beautiful young professional masseurs.Elegant shop environment.Clean hygiene.So that you can feel at home feeling.Massage Center,

we also provide 24-hour door-to-door Service.No holidays.The annual turnover.As long as you are in GuangZhou Sihuan within any living apartment hotels.As long as U.S. Reservation call Tel.Staying at home you can enjoy our full range of high-quality service.

After treatment you will feel deeply calm and refreshed. You will feel a heightened sense of ‘body awareness’, which can help you discover how much tension is being carried in your body.

    This can initiate a journey in modifying your own physical and emotional responses to stress.

    During an effective massage blood flushes through the capillaries and cleanses the body of toxins. Nutrients then flood the freshly massaged areas, strengthening the immune system.

    Our aches and pains are eased and we feel calm, relaxed and at peace.



bottles_98x154_1.jpgCall us when you get taxi, we will tell the full address to taxi driver and the driver will take you to the exact place

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